German WW1 Nickel Plated Ersatz Bayonet. Carter #3

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This rare ersatz bayonet was made in Germany in 1916 and bears a German inspection stamp on the spine of the 31cm chromed blade. Unusually, the ricasso is also marked with a circle over a “Y” or “r.”

Although designated as a Carter #3 the nickel plated blade, hilt and scabbard of this bayonet make it a very rare and unusual item. Produced at a time of need to equip troops in a hurry, it is unusual for the time to be taken to stamp the blade with anything other than an inspection mark (most don’t even have those) let alone an additional stamp on the ricasso and an all-over nickel finish.

The 31cm single edged blade is in near mint condition.

The matching steel scabbard is without dents and retains most of the nickel plating as does the hilt. The press stud locking mechanism works perfectly.