Turkish Ottoman Army M1909 Dress Sabre

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A scarce Ottoman army Officer’s dress sword made shortly before World War 1. The Model 1909 sabre was intended for dress occasions and has a square edged blade with ornate etching.

The 730mm slightly curved blade has a single edge and flat spine terminating in a spear point. The blade has a long, shallow fuller below the spine and is etched with the crescent moon and star of the Ottoman Empire bordered by floral scrollwork and trophies of arms. The obverse of the blade is similarly etched but shows a different trophy of arms. The spine is etched with laurel leaves and the cutler’s name and location, “Achguelo Freres, Constantinople.” The ricasso bears the logo and initials of the Solingen maker P.D. Luneschloss & Co. The blade is bright and free of rust with some loss of the plating and mild tarnish towards the point.

The brass stirrup guard has rounded languets, one of which bears the crescent moon and star of the Ottoman Empire. The eared back strap ends in a dove head pommel and ring. The guard is in very good condition. The composite grip is in great condition and the twisted wire wrap is intact and tight. The blade is firm in the hilt.

This is a better than average example of a hard to find Ottoman dress sword.