Swedish Model 1840 Cavalry Sabre. Solingen Made By Alex Coppel

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This heavy cavalry sabre is commonly referred to as Model 1840 “Wrist-breaker” and was one of the military sabres used by U.S. mounted forces before and during the American Civil War (1861-65). These sabres were closely based on the earlier French model 1822 Cavalry Sabre.

Many 1840 pattern sabres were produced by Solingen based manufacturers and were used throughout Europe as well as being exported to America. This example has Swedish, Carl Gustav armoury inspection and acceptance stamps on the blade spine and guard quillon.

The curved, 862mm single-edged blade has a flat spine tapering to a 200mm upper false edge. The blade has a long, wide fuller beginning with a flat line at the ricasso. The blade has a few small edge nicks around its centre of percussion and has a slightly blunted point but is otherwise in great condition. The ricasso is marked with the maker’s details and the trademark of Alex Coppel of Solingen, Germany. The obverse ricasso is plain. The blade spine bears the crowned C inspection stamp of the Carl Gustav Armoury.

The heavy, three-branch brass hilt is stamped on the beak quillon with a Carl Gustav crowned acceptance stamp. The raised brass oval around the base of the blade bears an inspection stamp.  The guard is in good condition with some very minor distortion to the knuckle bow and age and use related marks.

The leather covered, cord bound grip is in fair to good condition for its age and use. The twisted wire is missing and there are some losses to the original leather. In general the grip is good and tight and the blade is firm in the hilt.

The sabre is complete with its polished steel scabbard which is in great condition, with only a very small ding just above the shoe. The sword sheaths and draws smoothly and is held firmly in the scabbard. The scabbard is marked on the shoe with a crown and italicised B.

This is a good example of an increasingly hard to find Model 1840 cavalry sabre.