Sudanese or Ethiopian Spearhead Late 19th Century

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This spearhead is believed to have been brought back to the UK after the Sudanese Mahdist Uprising. The Mahdist Revolution (1881-1898) was an Islamic revolt against the Egyptian government in the Sudan. Britain became involved in support of their Egyptian allies and the uprising was ruthlessly crushed. The Battle of Omdurman, which took place on September 2, 1898 saw the superior numbers of the Mahdist forces, armed predominantly with bladed weapons, decimated by the modern firepower of the British army.

Spearheads were often removed from the wooden hafts to make it easier to pack the trophy in a kit bag for return to the UK.

This spear has a 240mm double-edged blade. The leaf-shaped blade has a flattened diamond cross-section with a raised medial ridge.

The faceted socket of the blade is ornately bound with brass wire. The spear is in very good condition and has a total length of 486mm.


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