German S98/05 Rare Twin Makers. WW1 Bayonet

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German WW1 S98/05 Butcher’s Blade Bayonet with rare twin maker’s marks.
This second pattern S98/05 Butchers blade bayonet was designated as “a.N” meaning “art neuer” or “new type.” The second pattern butcher bayonet has the vestigial muzzle ring further shortened and a steel flash guard added to the hilt. The second pattern a.N was made from 1915 until 1918 and came with a metal scabbard. This bayonet is dated 1917.
The 368mm butchers blade has a deep single fuller on both sides, the blade widening towards the point and is in good condition with age related tarnish and some shallow pitting. The blade is marked on the ricasso “Act. Gesvorm,” over “Frister & Rossmann” over “Berlin.” This maker’s mark has been stamped over the Heinkel factory twin mark. It is likely that the original bayonet was made by the Hienkel factory and was later re-worked to conform to the specifications of the second pattern by Frister & Rossmann who instead of using the blank obverse ricasso decided to over stamp the Heinkel mark. The spine is stamped with the imperial “W”, a waffenampt inspection mark, and the date “17” for 1917.
The steel cross guard is stamped with an issue or unit mark “2320.” The steel hilt furniture is in fair to good condition with some dark tarnish and shallow pitting to the flash guard, quillon and pommel.
The steel scabbard has been repaired. On inspection, it looks as though some dents have been filled to smooth out the surface and the scabbard has been painted. The repair work is reasonable and the bayonet sheathes and draws smoothly and is held firmly within the scabbard.