Japanese Rare School Drill Arisaka Type 30 Bayonet

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This rare school drill Japanese Arisaka Type 30 bayonet was issued to children for whom bayonet drill was a part of their school program. Children of both sexes were required to undergo bayonet drill training as a part of the national curriculum from the early 1930’s until the end of WW2.
These bayonets were crudely made for use on non-firing school training rifles. School training rifles and bayonets were made in local workshops using scrap rifle parts, soft steel and cast metal. The fit and finish of these bayonets are inferior to the Army issue pieces, as they weren't expected to stand up to the rigors of service use.
The 368mm single-edged, slightly curved blade has a flat spine and a long, narrow fuller. The blade terminates in a hatchet point. The blade is unmarked, as is the case with school drill Type 30 bayonets. The cross-piece with hooked quillon is crudely pinned in place. The steel pommel has a working press-stud mechanism. The wooden grip scales are held in place by two screws.
Despite its shoddy manufacturing, or possibly because of it, these bayonets are rare and sought after.