Italian M1860 Heavy Cavalry Sabre Schnitzler Kirschbaum

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This Heavy Cavalry sabre was made for the Italian army between 1860 and 1864, probably by Schnitzler & Kirschbaum (S&K) of Solingen, Germany who received a contract from the Italian Government. The Italian M1860 and those used by the German states and other European countries all bear striking similarities. Owing to its German manufacture, these sabres are often incorrectly described as German cavalry swords.

The 890mm curved blade has a wide, flat spine and tapers to a spear point. The blade has a single, broad fuller on each side and is in great condition. The ricasso bears a part struck makers stamp. The formidable blade is 31 mm wide at the ricasso, with a sharp fighting edge with a couple of small use nicks. The blade is firm in the hilt.

The heavy duty steel guard is bright and clean with loss to the plating but no rust or tarnish. The inside of the guard shows age and use related patination. The leather wrapped wooden grip is in good condition and the twisted brass wire is intact and tight.

This is a brute of a sword, and probably one of the best Italian military swords produced.