Indian Tulwar. Double-Edged Yelman. Rajasthan 19th Century

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This 19th Century Indian tulwar was probably armoury forged for issue to enlisted infantry. Its quality and construction put it at the top end of troop issued tulwar.

The 675mm curved blade has a flat spine and terminates in a double-edged spear point. The blade has three decorative incised lines within a very shallow, narrow fuller and is single-edged with a wider and double-edged yelman for the last 180mm. The blade is in very good condition with minimal age related marks and tarnish and is firm in the hilt. The blade retains a sharp edge.

The steel hilt is of typical tulwar form with dome finials to the crosspiece and clubbed languets. The crosspiece incorporates a knuckle bow, the terminal of which floats above the dished pommel with a central turban-like dome and round pommel stud. This style of hilt is quite typical of swords from Rajasthan.

This is a very good example of a well-made and robust Indian fighting tulwar dating to the 19th Century.