German S98 n.A Quill Point Bayonet. Simson & Co Suhl. #2111021

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Scarce and excellent example of an imperial German army model 1898 n.A second pattern quill point sword bayonet. The S98 bayonet was produced for use with the Mauser Gewehr 98 rifle using the new and soon to be widely copied bar mounting system.

The 523mm single-edged blade has a rounded, pipe-back spine above a single, narrow fuller. The blade terminates in a double-edged quill point. The ricasso is stamped with the maker’s mark of Simson & Co., of Suhl. There are no additional markings on the blade, suggesting that this bayonet was made for private purchase or export. The blade is in excellent condition and retains its blunt factory edge.

The steel cross piece is stamped with the numeral 7, which is likely to be a part number. The steel pommel is bright and clean and the press-stud mechanism is in perfect working order.

The wooden grip sales are in excellent condition and are held firmly in place by two screws.

The bayonet is complete with its steel mounted leather scabbard. The leather is in very good condition and the stitching is intact. The locket and chape are without markings. The bayonet sheathes and draws smoothly and is held firmly within the scabbard.

This is an excellent example of the imperial German S98 n.A bayonet that was probably made for private purchase or export.


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