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This heavy duty 19th Century German hunting sword has a 420mm slightly curved blade with a flat spine. The single-edged blade has a 110mm upper false edge and terminates in a spear point. The un-etched blade is 36mm wide and has a sharp edge.

The heavy blade is in good condition with a mild speckling of tarnish and a few spots of very shallow pitting.

The ivory grip shows hairline cracks and an old repair. The hilt has short, shield shaped languets. The crosspiece has dog head finials and the centre is embossed on both sides with stag’s heads. The rear of the crosspiece forms a forest scene bolster. The ivory grip is completed with three half olives and a tang button on the pommel through which the tang is peened. The grip is solid and strong and there is no movement.

The sword is accompanied with a replacement scabbard of blackened wood. The scabbard is tailored to the blade and is well made, fitting snugly and holding the blade well. The scabbard is in good condition and the sword sheathes and draws smoothly and is held firmly within.

This is a good example of a late 19th Century German hunting sword that was clearly in regular use.


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