German 1884/98 Mk II WW1 Sawback Bayonet. Double Maker Marks. #2111005

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This rare, double-marked World War 1, German S1884/98 Mk II sawback bayonet was made by Gebruder Heller of Marienthal and is also marked by the Imperial armoury at Erfurt. The second pattern of the 1884/98 knife bayonet was used with the Mauser Gewehr 98 rifle.

The 244mm single-edged blade has a broad single fuller below 38 saw teeth and terminates in a spear point. The blade is in good condition. There are speckles of tarnish and slight sharpening scratches along its length and the blade remains sharp. The ricasso is marked with the maker’s trademark, GEBR. HELLER over MARIENTHAL.  The obverse ricasso bears the mark of the Prussian royal armoury at Erfurt. Gebruder Heller was a machining company so it is likely that they produced the blade under imperial contract and the bayonet was then hilted at the Erfurt royal armoury. Double maker marks makes this scarce saw-toothed bayonet a rarity.

The polished steel pommel bears a crowned inspection fracture mark. A flash protector was added to the back of the grip to avoid the wooden scales being scorched by the rifle’s muzzle flash. The press-stud mechanism is in good working order and the wooden scales are in good condition with age and use related marks and wear.

The bayonet is complete with its blackened steel scabbard. The scabbard is in excellent condition. The bayonet sheathes and draws smoothly and is held firmly within the scabbard.

 This is a good example of a rare, double marked, saw toothed Mk II pattern 1884/98 bayonet made during the reign of Kaiser Wilhelm II.


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