British Volunteer Pattern 1837 Brunswick Sword Bayonet

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This is a volunteer pattern 1837 Brunswick sword bayonet. British military issue (ordnance) bayonets were produced by the Enfield Small Arms Factory. The volunteer or commercial pattern bayonet was made by several private companies for private purchase by volunteer regiments and for export and are often un-marked. This rare bayonet is one such example. Many volunteer pattern Brunswick sword bayonets were purchased by both the Northern and Southern forces during the American Civil War.

The 552mm double-edged blade has a short central fuller along the medial ridge. The leaf-shaped blade has a flattened diamond cross section with a slight waist, widening towards the spear point. The blade is in very good condition, clean and bright with some small nicks along the edges.

The ribbed brass hilt and crosspiece are in good condition. The push-button and external leaf spring attachment mechanism is in good working order.

This is a good example of a commercially produced and scarce Volunteer Brunswick sword bayonet.