British Napoleonic Wars Period Artilleryman's Hanger Circa 1810

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This early 1800’s Artillery Gunners short sword is one of the rarer British swords used during the Peninsular War (1807-1814), Maratha Wars in India (1803-1818), American War of 1812 and at Waterloo (1815). The sword is sometimes referred to as “The Spanish Hanger” because it was introduced for service in the Peninsular.

The 728mm single edged blade is un-fullered with a flat spine and tapers to a spear point. The broad blade is 38mm wide with a 9mm thick spine tapering down to 3.4mm at the middle of the blade and 2mm at the beginning of the double-edged point. The balance point is 115mm forward of the hilt, making it a heavy but well balanced and and formidable weapon.

The blade is in good condition, with a pale patina and very shallow pitting. The point has some deeper pitting. The blade retains its fighting edge with some use related nicks towards the point. The blade forte bears a Broad Arrow over "I" ownership stamp that suggests this sword saw service in India, probably in the Anglo-Marath Wars (1803-1818).

The brass hilt has a stirrup guard and disk quillon. The grip is of cast iron with 19 ribs. The hilt is in good condition and the blade is firm in the hilt.

This rare and desirable artillery hanger will have seen service during a pivotal period of world history.


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