British 1860 Pattern Martini Henry Yataghan Sword Bayonet. Reeves

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This yataghan sword bayonet was made for the Enfield short rifled musket. When Martini Henry rifles were adopted for general issue, the absence of an approved sword bayonet meant that existing bayonets for the Enfield rifle had to be adapted to fit. This involved the re-working of the Enfield Pattern 1856/58 yataghan bayonets by bushing the muzzle diameter to suit the Martini Henry and grinding a mortised slot into the pommel to accommodate the bayonet band. This re-worked bayonet was then designated the Pattern 1860 Yataghan sword bayonet for the Martini Henry.

Initially, this Yataghan sword bayonet was only issued to NCO's and rifle regiments.

The 579mm single-edged re-curved (yataghan) blade has a flat spine and deep single fuller on each side. The bayonet has a 170mm upper false edge and terminates in a spear point. The spine bears the initials, F. G. E. The blade is in excellent condition with minimal age and use related marks and wear and only a few small speckles of pale tarnish.

The ricasso is stamped with the British War Department WD and broad arrow and Birmingham inspection stamp. There is also a sold out of service stamp and a stamped number 11. The obverse ricasso is stamped with the manufacture date of 12 ‘75 (December 1875) and the maker’s name, Reeves.

The iconic steel crosspiece with cocks comb finial is bright and free of rust and the muzzle ring has been bushed to approximately 18mm. The mortice slot adaptation on the top of the pommel bears a worn inspection stamp and the side of the bird beak pommel is stamped with the number 5. The press-stud and external spring locking mechanism work perfectly. The leather grip scales are in very good condition.

The bayonet is complete with its original leather scabbard with steel mounts. The steel locket and chape bear Birmingham factory stamps and the steel is in very good condition. The leather is in excellent condition and the stitching is intact and tight. The bayonet sheathes and draws smoothly and is held firmly within the scabbard.

This is a rare and sought after bayonet in very good condition.