British 1827 Victorian Rifles Sword. Fantastic Example. Thurkle. London

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This Victorian Rifle officer’s sword is exceptional. The condition is fantastic and the sword is very robust, the blade and guard being thicker and larger than most examples I have seen.

The 835mm single-edged blade is an early 1845 “Wilkinson” pattern with a pronounced curve. The blade has a flat spine above a broad single fuller and tapers to a 300mm double-edged spear point. The spine is 9mm thick and the blade is 28mm wide at the ricasso.

The blade is etched with Queen Victoria’s crowned royal cipher amidst foliate scrollwork panels. The obverse of the blade has the Rifle Brigade’s strung horn and a ribbon bearing the word “Rifles.” The ricasso is etched with the cutler’s details, “Daw, 57 Threadneedle St. London.” Daw was a sole trader at this address from 1861 until 1876, after which he added “& Co.” to his retailer’s mark. Prior to 1861 Daw traded with John Witton (as Witton & Daw) at the same address from 1851-1860.

The obverse ricasso bears a Thurkle family proof stud associated with first Benjamin and then Edward Thurkle. The blade is in fantastic, near mint condition.

The larger than usual Gothic steel guard is in excellent condition and incorporates an oval cartouche containing the crowned, strung horn badge of the Rifle Regiment. The guard is bright and rust free. The steel of the guard is over 3mm thick, at least 1mm thicker than on most rifles swords. The shagreen grip is in excellent condition and the three strands of copper wire intact and tight. The blade is firm in the hilt.

The steel scabbard has a brass throat and two suspension rings. The top suspension band incorporates a bar. The scabbard is in great condition. The sword sheathes and draws smoothly and is held firmly within the scabbard.

This is a fantastic example of a Victorian Rifle officer’s fighting sword. Rifles’ swords are relatively common, finding one in this condition is not.