BDU-33 Mk-76 Air Force Practice Bombs.

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Bomb Dummy Unit -33. BDU-33 Mk-76 Air Force Practice Bomb BDU-33 US Air Force Mk-76 Practice Units BDU-33 Mk-76 Air Force Practice Bombs.  #5
These inert practice bombs, commonly referred to as the MK-76 or BDU-33 (Bomb Dummy Unit) are the military standard 25 lb practice bomb. They are still used today as a training aid for all Air Force and Navy pilots and are used on almost every fixed-wing fighter/bomber aircraft in the U.S. inventory.

Each unit weighs approximately 11kg (25lb) and stands 57.5cm high. They are made from cast-iron and steel and are non-explosive.

Most Mk-76 are painted blue for air force and navy use. Olive drab paint is rare and probably signifies use by the Army Air Corps. These are in excellent condition and were probably never used. There is a small patch of rust on the nose of one unit and speckles of rust on the bodies of both units, in keeping with their age. I believe these units date from the Vietnam War period.

They are completely inert and safe. 
Given their weight, delivery to non-UK destinations will be expensive but I am happy to ship them. Please contact for a delivery quote.