Austrian Shortened M1854 Lorenz Socket Bayonet

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This bayonet was designed for the Austrian Model 1854 Lorenz Infanteriegewehr Rifle. These weapons were used extensively by US Confederate troops during the American Civil War and also to a lesser degree by the Union. These can be easily recognized by the diagonal mortise slot in the socket and the cruciform blade.

This bayonet has crisp, clear unit and arsenal marks and the socket and retaining ring are in near mint condition. The flattened cruciform blade has been shortened and measures 400mm in length.

The reason for shortening the blade is not known but it may have been because of damage to the tip. The bayonet now has a needle point which is very sharp. The tip of the bayonet has been cleaned and shows pitting and some scratching.

The condition of this bayonet is over-all very good despite the pitting and shortening of the tip.