Austrian Model-1849 Augustin Jager Carbine Sword Bayonet

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This fearsome and rare sword bayonet was made for use with the Augustin Jager Carbine. These bayonets were manufactured between 1849 and 1854.
Designated the Model 1849, the bayonet has a 108 mm socket with a 27 mm outer diameter and an inner diameter of 23 mm. The bayonet is secured to the muzzle with the mortice and locking ring.

The 595mm single edged blade has a thick, flat spine, with a broad ¾ length fuller on both sides. The blade tapers to a spear point. The blade is 34 mm wide at the ricasso with a gradual taper. It is double-edged for the last 14 cm.

The spine is very wide, beginning at 9 mm at the shoulder, with a distal taper down to less than 0.5 mm at the tip.

The bayonet is in fair condition with pitting and a salt & pepper patina. The elbow is stamped with the number 103 and the spine bears the faint remnants of a maker’s name and a deeply struck “W”. The locking ring is in good working order.

This is a rarely encountered mid-19th Century Austrian bayonet.


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