Afghan 19th Century Khyber Knife. Afghanistan Charay Sword

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This is a large 19th Century example of the famous Afghan Khyber knife or Charay used so effectively against the British on the Northwest frontier during the 19th Century. Its size, shape and incredible sharpness struck fear into the British troops defending the Khyber Pass, the area from which this knife earned its popular name. It is the traditional side arm of the Afridis, Ghilzais, Khyberies and other tribes living in and near the Khyber Pass, a mountain pass connecting Afghanistan and what was then India (now modern day Pakistan).

The 555mm heavy, single-edged yataghan blade has a T-shaped spine above a narrow fuller and tapers to a needle sharp point. The steel blade is very sharp and is perfectly suited to both slashing and thrusting.

The blade is 51mm wide at the shoulder with a spine thickness of 10mm. There are engraved lines on the forte and continuing along below the spine. The blade is in very good condition with an excellent patina and a few spots of shallow pitting.

The full tang is hilted with a steel bolster and back strap and contoured horn scales held firmly in place with iron rivets.

The Khyber knife is complete with its leather wrapped wooden scabbard. The scabbard has a shaped throat to allow for the blade to be inserted until mid-way up the hilt. The scabbard is in very good condition. The stitching is intact and tight.