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1796 Flank Officer's Sabre by John Gill

Posted: 21/06/19 (11:54am)

Sometimes I buy a sword that I really do not want to sell. Sometimes I give in and keep it.

I used to do that more often when I started than I do now. About 10 years ago, at a fair here in Scotland, a fellow dealer told me that I had to decide whether I was a dealer or a collector. He told me that I could not be both. I disagreed with him then and still do. Of course, one can both collect and deal. One just has to be firm with one’s self and resist keeping items that were bought to sell. It isn’t always easy.

Now I find myself struggling with whether or not to keep a beautiful 1796 pre-regulation flank officer’s sabre. As a collector, it ticks all the boxes. Top maker, dateable to the turn of the 18th Century – a Peninsular Wars, maybe Waterloo sword. A rare pattern, a beautifully engraved blade with unique engravings as well as the maker’s name and owner’s initials. Moreover, it is in fantastic condition, complete with scabbard. I’m wavering…

Should I? Shouldn’t I? It owes the business a serious chunk of change. But…




Maybe I’ll sleep on it. For a month or two…