Bygone Blades are pleased to offer a cleaning and restoration service. Please contact Richard with a description of the required work including photographs. I will then contact you to discuss your requirements and to give you a quote.
One of the more common requests that I have is for the replacement of worn or missing shagreen and the re-wiring of sword grips.

Below are some of the recent intensive restorations that I have completed.

This P1796 Light Cavalry sabre was made by Thomas Gill in 1798 and has a rare beaked pommel. It required an intensive clean, paint removal from the scabbard, attention to the grip and a polish. 

BEFORE                                                                                                             AFTER
P1796 LC Thomas Gill             P1150855

This badly damaged P1796 Light Cavalry sabre required a complete restoration. You can see more about the restoration of this sabre if you visit my blog.

This P1803 Flank officer's sabre required a full hilt restoration (repair to the guard, ivory grip & re-wiring) and cleaning.

P1803 hilt damage
P1803 hilt

Blade re-pointing and cleaning.

P1803 blade
P1803 repointed tip_1

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