British 1831 Victorian General Officers Mameluke Sword. E. Thurkle. 1887-1899

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The British 1831 pattern General Officers’ Mameluke sabre has its origins in the scimitar-like swords carried by the Mamluk warriors, the ruling military caste of Ottoman Egypt until 1811. The Duke of Wellington was a famous proponent of the Mameluke sabre. After the Napoleonic Wars, Wellington’s status as a national hero was a key factor in the sabres adoption as the pattern for General Officers.

This sword was made by Edward Thurkle between 1887 and 1899.

The 840mm single-edged blade has a pronounced curve and a 306mm raised yelman, being double edge for the last 270mm. The un-fullered blade has a flat spine and is crisply etched with the crowned cypher of Queen Victoria, laurels and palm fronds and the crossed baton and sabre of General rank amidst foliate and floral scrollwork. The ricasso bears the retailer’s details, “Hobson & Sons, 1-3-5, Lexington Street, London. W.” The obverse ricasso bears a brass proof stud associated with Edward Thurkle.

The blade is in excellent, near mint condition.

The gilt brass cross-guard is in excellent good condition and displays a central wreath containing the General’s crossed baton and sabre. The cellulose grip scales are in excellent condition. The hilt retains its original gilt finish and the blade is held firmly without movement.

The sabre is complete with its heavy duty gilt brass scabbard with two hanging rings. The scabbard is in excellent condition. The sabre draws and sheathes smoothly and is held firmly within the scabbard.

This is an excellent late Victorian General Officer’s Mameluke sabre in as close to mint condition as it is possible to find.