Everything Happens in Google Time

Posted: 08/02/17 (12:15pm)

So a week has passed since the launch of the Bygone Blades website and things aren't happening as fast as I would like them to - but hey, isn't that always the case? Either time and life are flying by with barely a minute to draw breath or they're dragging along seemingly getting nowhere.
My web developer tells me I have to be patient and that things will happen in Google time. Apparently it takes a while for Google to find and "trust" the website. Well I hope they get a move on. I'm really pleased with the website that Andy has built me and I'm eager for everyone to find it and of course buy stuff.
One of the items I have is a particularly rare French Napoleonic Wars Model 1777 AN IX (year 9) socket bayonet and I've been checking online daily, waiting for it to come up in an image search but so far it hasn't. In fact, only one does - and that's been sold for some time. The rest of the 200 plus images the search generates are a seemingly random collection of just about everything, including an American M29 mortar! The same applies to a lovely English Dragoon's Back Sword circa 1680. It and so far everything else are adrift in the ether. Come on Google, time to send out the search parties!

Welcome to Bygone Blades

Posted: 01/02/17 (10:33am)

Hello and welcome to the Bygone Blades website and my blog. 
I have been a passionate collector of antiques for many years now. My main antique passions are swords and maps although like many collectors I have numerous other interests and a home bursting at the seams as a result!
Over the weeks, months and years ahead I hope to share with you my passion for collecting edged weapons and the excitement of finding and researching new items.
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