German. Saxon Infantry Faschinenmesser. Fascine Knife M1845

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Second pattern Saxon Faschinenmesser model 1845. This fascine knife was issued to Saxon infantry regiments for use in both close quarters battle and as a general-purpose knife. It was often used for cutting brush to make fascines and gabions – hence its name.

The heavy 476mm blade bears the crown stamp of King Friedrich August II, king of Saxony from 1836-1854. The blade is in good condition with mild age and use related tarnish and a few small edge nicks.

The brass crosspiece bears the mark of the 107th Infantry regiment.

The brass mounted leather scabbard is in good condition with the stitching intact and strong. There are scuffs and other age and use related marks on the black leather but the leather itself is strong.

The scabbard throat is marked for the 102nd Infantry regiment.

The Faschinenmesser fits perfectly into the scabbard and is held firmly.

This is a well above average example of an increasingly hard to find Kingdom of Saxony second pattern fascine knife dating from the mid-19th Century.


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